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Janta curfew song - Corona song





Corona is a deadly virus spreading at a very steep curve. Here is a song by GB on Corona Virus to explain best practices to stop the corona Pandemic.
Over the past few days the pandemic is spreading exponentially all over the world and each and every nation. India is very valuable country known as ‘sone ki chidya’ (Golden Bird) in the past.

It has valuable and precious knowledge of all the happenings and things that we see around us according to the laws of nature. India has ancient literature such as ved Puranas which depict the perfect lifestyle of living as per the laws of nature.

Similarly to stop the exponential growth of this coronavirus or Hon. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has shared an Appeal to the people to help in the war against the Corona Virus. He has requested to have a self curfew on 22nd March 2020 in India.

There are two reasons and science behind this theory one is the virus spreads by coming into contact with infected people. so if you are at a social distance from the people who are infected then there is no chance for you to get infected.

Narendra Modi has also appealed all the people to gather on your roof or terrace at 5pm and clap for 5 minutes with hands and utensils along with sharing gratitude for people who are helping to fight against this deadly virus.

It is said that Whole universe is a vibration. So any virus is also a Vibration but its a Negative in frequency. Out of all the vibrations Gratitude and love has highest frequency in this universe. So when all people will show gratitude at 5pm there will be a positive frequency of field generated at 5pm and this will bring abundance and joy.

With this said sit back on your couch and enjoy this song made with care for you (Not Curfew).


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