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Nanko - A song for Mother

Do you want to celebrate mother's day by wishing your mother happy mothers day in a unique way? It's said that god couldn’t be everywhere so he made mother. Mother is said to be the god for a child. Mother does everything for the family without expecting anything in return. She always strives for bringing the family up and up whatever may happen. In India we call all elders with respect but with mother everyone has close relations so people call mother by name directly as a friend. Mothers day 2020 falls on different dates in different countries. Mothers day 2020 is coming up on Sunday 10 may in India and usa. Do you want to know what people do when it's Mother’s day in India ? Here is an awesome article where you will find exciting ideas on valuable surprise gifts that you can give to your mom. How did mothers day celebration started? It said that it started in 1908 in memory of Ann Jarvis. She was a peace activist and used to take care of Soldiers who were wounded during American Civil war.Anna Jarvis started to get support to celebrate mother's day in the memorial of her mother Ann Jarvis. The event started at St Andrew’s Methodist church in Grafton,West Virginia. Wish your mom Happy Mothers Day in Various ways.Best Mother's day Gift Ideas during Quarantine. Mom and song: Mom makes our life melodious. Likewise there are many top songs in Hollywood and Bollywood which are dedicated to mom and are famous. But there are very few songs on maa (Mother) dedicated to mom in Gujarati. Here we come up with a very heart touching song in Gujarati dedicated exclusively to mom. During this quarantine, dedicate this song to your mommy.This song is a story of two brothers who were struggling to make a career in the music industry. One brother decides to go to the USA for better opportunities and the other decides to stay home. But later when we see the current scenario when the whole world is hit due to corona. The brother who is in the US understands that the location does not matter but the passion is important. The producer of this song has created it using the latest tools and technology such as VFX, advanced Video editing and  Graphics. Definitely this will be a good mother's day song.   Virtual Song Party Plan up in advance with all the siblings to arrange a virtual song party. Living in the 21st Century of Digital World we can all celebrate mother's day virtually. Hangout on a virtual party with all your siblings and dedicate a song to her. All the gujarati people can dedicate the above made special song dedicated to mom. Later on prepare a video out of photo collage and cherish all the good memories with the mom. You can also play song for mother as mentioned above when you are doing a video conference call. This will definitely bring a smile on mothers face.   Unmeasurable gifts From childhood mother takes care of each and everything like she teaches how to talk , how to walk, completes every demand of ourselves. So why not at least give her a gift like giving a break from her routine work. Give her a hug and tell her today I am going to do everything. Give her a break from all the tasks like cooking, cleaning, housekeeping etc. Appreciate her and let her know how much you care and love her by making 24 hours for her from Breakfast to Dinner. Start off by giving her breakfast on her bed in the morning. This will be a mothers day special gift for your mother.   Decorate the home. Neat and clean home is what mom thrives for. She cleans up the house daily. So Now it's your turn to Decorate the home. There are many DIY ideas which you could follow like how to make a decorative of flowers and make your mom happy. These are very small things but single drops collectively make a huge ocean. So these small things matter a lot.   Give her a relaxing massage. Mom works 24x7 non stop. So why not think of giving her a break and relaxation? Freshly trimmed nails, Pressing the legs or giving her new nailpolish color. Serve her with freshly prepared fruit juices which she would like a lot.   So we hope that you will make your mothers day very special by these wonderful mothers day gift ideas and you enjoy the mother's day celebration


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