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How to make your little baby a little Krishna?

How to celebrate Janmashtami with your little one.

Follow the steps and use the props mentioned in each steps.

  1. Main clothes.

Little Krishna is used to dressing up the dhoti & pitamber.

2. Ornaments: hand Bajubandh

In both of the upper and lower arms, Little Krishna used to have Bajubandh on hands. Which add an extra charm into the side look.

: Neck moti mala

The neck portion remains open due to pitamber so Krishna used to have moti mala in the neck to add the extra look feelings.

: Kandoro

To cover the waist portion with amazing moti and stonework.

 : Earrings

 This will add an extraordinary look to Little Krishna face.

3. Mukut :

Little Krushna looks more epic when a shiny mukut is placed on the head,

 :  Peacock feather

            Description : Little Krishna’s favourite bird is peacock hence he used to put on peacock feathers on head mukut. (this is a sign of Krishna)

4.Murli :

           Description  : Little Krishna used to make the morning good by playing the murli and make the entire vrundavan fresh for a day start.

5. Matuki :

 Description: Little Krishna is famous as a Makhan chor so he always found with Matuki for many times in a day.