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India is a country of beautiful cultural festival. Uttrayan aka Kite Flying festival is one of the famous festival celebrated in India during winter especially in Gujarat. It sets a mark where the sun shifts and sets the beginning of summer. This is the day when everyone gets holiday from work and family comes together.

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 People in Gujarat are very fond of food. All the families go to terrace whole day along with loud speakers playing the latest Bollywood songs and parallaly dwindling the string tied with the kites. The famous curry is ‘UNDHYU’ which is eaten by each and every family together on the terrace. People are very fond of eating chikki and tal sadi or laddus. Some people compete with each other and try to cut the strings and hence the kites.

 The people enjoy a lot seeing the kites fly high and use manja Thread (special thread coated with glass powder). Youngsters and children enjoy a lot in competing with each other’s by cutting the threads of flying kites with each other. These threads are so sharp that they even create cuts on the person who is flying the kite.

 Now a days there are many Chinese thread product available which are not safe. These sometimes injures the person travelling on vehicle. In order to protect themselves from such strings people put a bent rod protection in front of the vehicle.

So people find solution of the issues in one or the other way but the sad part of it is many birds get injured during this festival. There are lots of strings entangled in the trees and a number of birds wings often gets entangled into them. As there are a number of string flying in the air so there is hardly any space in the sky and due to it a number of birds get injured. It is one of the sad part that Birds couldn’t express their feelings.

 There are many organizations working to help and save birds during the Uttrayan. They provide helpline numbers and if someone calls then they immediately help the injured birds by providing the medical support. In this modern world there are very few people who work to serve the needy birds.

Majority of birds fly during early morning or evening. So one thing that could be done by the people would be not to use the Manja thread or Chinese thread and not to fly the kites during early morning hours or evening hours this could save most of the birds. Also try to keep helpline contact numbers of people or organizations who are helping.So by this way humanity could be helpful to birds.

So in a nutshell and concluding it people spend good time with the family enjoying food and kite flying but as a human being its our responsibility to take care of other species around us.