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  The history of valantine dates back to 3rd century. There was a king named Claudius in Rome who wanted to conqur the world.

He believed that by getting married, Man became weaker. As he wanted to conqur the world he might require a force of young man to fight with enemy. He also observed that the men who didn’t marry were more stronger and healthy.

So he declared that no man will marry in Rome. With this decision all the people were unhappy. But a Saint Named Valentine didn’t agree with this decision and he continued to get man married in Rome. 

When King came to know about this he called Saint Valantine and imprisoned him.

When imprisoned he met jailers daughter. She was blind. Its said that Saint Valantine touched her eyes and she immediately got healed. Later he fell in love with her.

 But saint Valentine was sentenced to death on the day of 14th February. Its said that before getting hanged up he wrote a letter to the blind lady who got healed and at the end he wrote : From Valentine.

Since then the day 14th of February is being celebrated as Valentine day!

Here is a special song dedicated for Valentine’s day! The gujarati version of Tu Miliye.

Here is a Valentine song that you can dedicate to your belived. Listen and Enjoy Tu hi tu the gujarati version of Tu Miliye.

The song is beautifully dedicated to the beloved of the Singer. The Singer says her beloved is merged in his own self.

Valentine day gift ideas

  1. Gift Chocolates
  2. Personalized photoframe
  3. Write a song
  4. Go for a walk.